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Shipping & Delivery

We provide free shipping for ala carte orders over $100. 

Ala carte orders under $100 will be charged for shipping depending on your chosen delivery method and country. Full price will be displayed at checkout. 

Your first order will reach you within 5 business days - We will ship your items out within 2 business days after you have made payment, and local orders take up to 3 business days to be delivered to you.

International orders may take up to 14 business days to be delivered via UPS, DHL, DPEX or FEDEX. Shipping time might vary depending on location, shipment method and other external factors.

You will receive an order confirmation email. There will be an order tracking link that you can see the progress of your delivery.

We ship both locally and worldwide subjected to logistical requirements. Shipping fee will vary according to country. 

Your 100% satisfaction matters. We offer a 30-days Return & Exchange PolicyIf a product gets damaged or was faulty upon a delivery - we offer a 100% credit note.

Vision Direct Club only accepts UNOPENED and UNUSED boxes of contact lenses, accompanied with proof of purchase. Please note that customers are responsible for shipping costs of returned items. Customers are strongly recommended to get proof of postage when returning goods to avoid "lost packages" situations. 

When returned item is received and inspected, customer receives a confirmation email, notifying about the status of the refund. If the refund is approved, then it will be processed and a credit note will automatically be applied to the their account shortly after.

For returns, please email with the subject 'Returns' and include your order number, name and the reason for the return. Instructions on where to send returned goods will be provided. 

For any additional information or clarification, do reach out to us via our chatbot or email. 

You can return your order to us for store credit within 30 days from the date that you receive your order. 

For returns, please email with the subject 'Returns' and include your order number, name and the reason for the return. Instructions on where to send returned goods will be provided.  

Alternatively, you can reach out to us via our chatbot for further clarification. 

We accept all credit/debit cards as well as ApplePay. 

You'll receive store credits in your Vision Direct Club account for returning an order within 14 business days from when we receive your order. 

Your store credit(s) expires after 2 years, and are non-transferable and non-refundable. 

Gift cards that have been deposited to a Vision Direct Club account for store credit(s) cannot be reversed or retrieved back as a gift card. 

Store credit(s) in a Singapore-registered Vision Direct Club account can be used at

There may be a few possible reasons why your discount could be invalid:

1. The code has expired

Check the expiry date of the code, as some of them run for a limited time or expire after a set period.

2. Did you meet the minimum spending requirement?

There might be a minimum spend requirement and/or on selected product categories.

3. Product exclusions from promo codes

Discounts are not applicable for sale items (unless specified)

4. Do you need to be logged in?

Some promo codes will require you to be logged in to redeem the discount.


5. Did you apply the promo code to the correct field?

Promo codes should be applied to the 'Promo Code' field at checkout.


6. Has this promo already been used?

Some promo codes might have restrictions to the number of times it can be used.


7. Have you checked the terms and conditions of the promo code?

For any other promo codes sent via our newsletters, please double check the terms and conditions.

If you're absolutely sure you've fulfilled the terms and conditions of the discount and still have trouble using it, please drop us a message here with a screenshot of the error message!


The FUN plan is the only no contract 1-month subscription plan. No contract, no obligations.


The BOLD and TRENDSETTER plans are contract plans.

BOLD is a 6-month subscription plan where you get to enjoy 20% discount.

TRENDSETTER is a 12-month subscription plan with the highest savings of 25% discount.


All of our plans are charged monthly, with 2 boxes (30 pairs) of contact lenses delivered every month to your doorstep!

Not sure how our Contact Lens Subscription Plans work? Click here to find out more!

You will receive 2 boxes of contact lenses (30 pairs) every month.

Of course, you are free to pause it any time you wish. However, it runs a bit differently between a non-contract and one with a contract.


For the non-contract subscription (FUN), you can pause any time after you have received your shipment for as long as you want. You can resume your subscription plan whenever you wish to. We will charge and process your order on the date you resume.


For contract subscriptions (BOLD and TRENDSETTER), you are entitled to pause only ONCE for a maximum of 2 months. You can resume any time you want within 2 months, or it will be automatically resumed after 2 months. Don't worry, we will send out an email to remind you 7 days in advance before we resume your plan.

For the non contract subscription(FUN), free cancellation is only applicable for your NEXT recurring order. You can cancel your subscription plan within 20 days from your purchase date. We will send you a confirmation email once your cancellation is successful.


For example, you subscribed to the FUN plan on 10 May 2021. After trying it for 2 months (May and June), you decided to cancel your plan from July onwards. For a cancellation to succeed, you would have to cancel your subscription plan latest by 29 June 2021. Any cancellation made from 30 June onwards will be subjected to appeal, which means that it might not be successful.


No cancellation is allowed for contract subscription (BOLD and TRENDSETTER) plans.

1. Go to Subscription Plan > Manage

2. Click on Cancel Plan

3. Provide us with your feedback.

4. Review your plan cancellation and confirm. We will notify you when you have successfully cancelled your subscription plan.

You can take our “Contact lens quiz” and “Subscription plan quiz to find out what type of contact lenses suit you, as well as what subscription plan you should get!

Yes, you can! Shipping fees will vary according to country. We are working with global manufacturers to establish localised fulfilment centers. 


In Singapore, the Optometrists and Opticians Board (OOB) under the Ministry of Health requires all contact lenses (powered or non-powered) to be prescribed and dispensed by registered optometrists or contact lens practitioners (HAS, 2020). 

Hence, you MUST get a contact lens prescription from a licensed optical store before embarking on your subscription journey with us at Vision Direct Club!

No, glasses and contact lenses are different and would require their own prescriptions by an optometrist.

Visit any optical stores or eye clinics to get your contact lens fitting and eyes checked by an optometrist. Fear not, we will credit $30 into your account when you upload your prescription to offset your eye-check cost!

We may contact your respective optometrist should we require additional verification with regards to your eye prescription.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to read your prescription!

You can upload a new prescription when it changes. Kindly update us and wait up to 3 days for your new prescription to be approved. 

No, it will not. However, we recommend updating your prescription frequently to ensure that you have the clearest vision possible.

For optimum clear vision, you should always stick to the power prescription provided by your optometrist. Although your vision may seem stabilised as an adult, without proper eye care and consistent eye examinations, your power may change over time.


The base curve is the back curvature of a contact lens. It’s used to determine the curvature of the lens to your eye to provide the best fit and comfort. The lower the number, the steeper the curve of the lens.

Diameter is the distance across the surface of your lens, from edge to edge. Your optometrist will determine the correct diameter for you during your exam.

Wear & Care

Advances in technology make contact lenses convenient and easy to use. Maintaining and caring for your reusable bi-weekly lenses is easy with multipurpose lens solutions that make cleaning, disinfecting and storing contact lenses simple and convenient.


For the most convenient way to wear contact lenses, consider daily contact lenses. Just wear them for the day, then throw them away.


Of course. You can wear both contact lenses and glasses, alternating for specific activities, needs, or preference. However, contact lenses can be used full-time. The choice is up to you and your Optometrist.

If you do not need vision correction often, contact lenses are an easy, always-there alternative to wear when you need them for certain activities, such as sports. Unlike glasses, contact lenses won’t smudge, steam up, fall off or break. Plus, you will get a complete field of clear vision that won’t be obstructed by frames.


Game on! Contact lenses offer clear vision and you won’t have to worry about them fogging up, falling off or breaking during a game like glasses can. Plus, you won’t experience a loss of peripheral vision like you can with glasses.

Contact lens-related health problems can occur, but they’re rare. Infections are most commonly related to poor cleaning routines or other lens care-related issues. If you follow your Optometrist's directions for proper wear and care, you should be fine. For a more hygienic and hassle-free option, you may like to consider daily contact lenses.

It’s important to find beauty lenses that do not compromise on health and safety.


One of the most common problems is that many coloured contact lenses leave your eyeballs in direct contact with its pigments.


With friction, these pigments may rub off onto your eyes, causing irritation and other eye health complications. Pick quality colour contact lenses to prevent pigments from coming in contact with your eyes.

Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are used for one day, then thrown away. They typically don’t involve the use of lens solutions and contact lens cases. You may want to consider daily lenses for travelling or if you simply want a more hygienic and hassle-free option.


Bi-weekly/Monthly Reusable lenses are reused for two/four weeks and require cleaning and disinfection every day. Some lenses are approved for even longer wearing periods. However, a shorter wear cycle and more frequent use of fresh lenses are more comfortable.

Toric is the design of the contact lenses that are used for Astigmatism. 

If you see these words on the contact lenses, it means that it is able to help correct astigmatism. 

In general, bifocal contact lenses are designed with only two zones of vision (near and far) in the same lens. Multifocal contact lenses are designed with more than two zones of vision (near, far and in-between) in each lens.

Hydrogel is a soft, water-holding polymer plastic used to make contact lenses.

A silicone hydrogel is the newest generation of soft contact lenses.

Dk, or oxygen permeability, is the rate that oxygen can flow through a contact lens material. Dk/t or oxygen transmissibility, determines how much oxygen gets through a lens of a particular thickness. The higher the Dk/t, the higher the rate of oxygen flowing through the contact lenses. 

Eye Health Conditions

Contact lenses are safe to wear, always follow your eye care practitioner instructions. You can check out our 'Wear and Care' FAQ segment to find out more. 

Yes. Astigmatism is no longer a barrier to wearing contact lenses. Astigmatism lenses offer people with astigmatism exceptional fit, comfort and visual clarity.

Maybe. You can consult your Optometrist with regards to this. If your Optometrist feels that contact lenses are still an option, you can still explore contact lenses.

This depends on the recommendation of your Optometrist. LASIK surgery permanently alters the shape of your eye, but doesn’t prevent the development of presbyopia, so you’ll still need vision correction at some point.


If your Optometrist feels that contact lenses are still an option, we believe that you can explore contact lenses! Some have considered beauty lenses with no power to enhance their natural eye beauty.

Airborne allergens such as pollen can build up on your lenses, causing discomfort. To help improve comfort, consider daily disposable contact lenses.

Generally, no. Unless your Optometrist has instructed you otherwise, you can safely wear your lenses every day.


Our Tele-Optometry service will connect you virtually to an optometrist via a video call. You can ask questions you may have with regards to contact lenses or your eyes. 

You can consult with an optometrist at your convenience, and it is a safe way of receiving the advice from an experienced and qualified optometrist at home during pandemic period.

You can book an appointment with our optometrist here.

Our team of optometrists are qualified and registered with the Optometrist and Optician Board.  They have extensive experience in fitting and prescribing contact lens, as well as offering tips on eye care. 

If you are concerned if the following signs appear after wearing contact lens and would like to seek professional advice before visiting an optometrist in the store:

-Blurred vision



-Light sensitivity

-Discomfort or pain in the eye

-Any other concerns

Tele-optometry is a virtual consultation with optometrist, it is not meant to replace your eye check. If the optometrist detect any abnormalities during the session, he/ she will recommend you to visit an optometrist or ophthalmologist personally.

The service is free of charge. 

We recommend you to be equipped with a stable wifi connection and a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a high definition camera in case the optometrist needs to examine your eyes in close proximity.

If you are able to take images of the condition of your eye, especially if the symptoms may surface or disappear from time to time, or you wish to show the optometrist before and after wearing contact lens.

Or if you wear contact lens, pls remove your contact lens at least 30 mins before the session, unless you wish to show the condition of your eye with contact lens on.

Mobile Optometry

Yes and more! We conduct the similar tests to what you may have experienced at a retail Optometrist. It is part of our procedure to examine your retinal health, retail optometrists do not generally check retinal health.

Lighting plays a big role during your eye check process. In-home and workplace eye examinations allows for our optometrists and eye care consultants to better understand your vision in your natural light environment allowing for more accurate prescription.

It is mandatory for our optometrists to be in a uniform with Vision Direct Club's logo. They will also present their company identity badge as well as their Optometrist's medical card when introducing themselves. Furthermore, your optometrist will be in touch with you before your appointment. 

If your friends or family members wish to have an eye check in the same location, there will be an additional fee per person, subjected to Optometrist's availability and current bookings. We suggest booking ahead to avoid disappointment. We've got screening packages for pax of 2, 3 or 4.