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Simple, convenient, and efficient - use our vision app to book a home-based eye screening and store your eye health records online.

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Simply download the app, sign up for an account, and get started on your journey to hassle-free vision care!

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After signing up, simply tap on the 'Eye Screening' button to select your desired services, date, time, and location for your eye screening appointment.

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Our optometrist will examine your eyes at your preferred location and explain the results. Your report will be stored in your account for easy access.

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Discover our available eye screening services in app and obtain a comprehensive report of your eye health, which you can utilise to conveniently shop for your vision needs on our website.


An eye health screening that details your vision.

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Digitalised Eye Health Report in App
Empower your eye health journey by accessing your comprehensive eye health report anywhere, anytime, with your account.
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Experience the future of eye care with Our AI-Powered Disease Detection System. Take Control of your eye health for early prevention.
Integrated Health Ecosystem
Partner with our Eye Doctor Referral Program and have your records automatically sent to Eye Doctor.
Corporate Eye Screening
At VisionPal, it's easy to meet the eye care needs of your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and more! We conduct the similar tests to what you may have experienced at a retail Optometrist. It is part of our procedure to examine your retinal health, retail optometrists do not generally check retinal health.
Lighting plays a big role during your eye check process.
In-home and workplace eye examinations allows for our optometrists and eye care consultants to better understand your vision in your natural light environment
allowing for more accurate prescription.
It is mandatory for our optometrists to be in a uniform with Vision Direct Club's logo. They will also present their company identity badge when introducing themselves. Futhermore, your optometrist will be in touch with you before your appointment.
If your friends or family members wish to have an eye check in the same location, there will be an additional fee per person, subjected to Optometrist's availability and current bookings. We suggest booking ahead to avoid disappointment. We've got screening packages for pax of 2, 3 or 4.
Yes! We have experienced optometrists that are able to conduct the examinations for the individuals. We will require the individual to provide accurate responses that can be verbal or non-verbal.
Prescription checks and some exams might require the wearing of frames for a period of time. Some of the comprehensive exam checks outside the prescription check might include bright lights such as retina photography.
As a mobile optometry provider, we are able to set up the charts and use the portable equipment to do the eye examinations in the comfort of your own homes.