Get your eyes examined by a qualified optometrist from the comfort of your home or office.
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Basic Details

Conveniently accessible Eye Screenings


Home-Based Eye Screening

We bring the optometry clinic into our patients' homes to understand their living and vision environment through their eyes.


Corporate Eye Screening 

Our patients can visit us for a quick eye screening during their break in the middle of their workday.


In-Clinic Eye Screening

For those who prefer to have their eyes screened in clinics alongside other health checkups, they can do so at our clinics.

Why work at VisionPal?

Revolutionising the Optometry Industry

We want to challenge the status quo of what the public thinks Optometrists can do. Optometrists can be a trusted source of eye related medical information. If you are facing any problems with your eye, Optometrists are the ones you should go to.

Eye Care First

We're all about eye care. Our optometrists are not sales people. We're focused on keeping our patients eyes healthy for life.

Work with the latest technology and innovations

We conduct our screenings with top of the line portable eye screening technology. Our optometrists get to work with proprietary apps and the latest eye disease detection AIs.


Our optometrists will have the freedom to choose assignments based on their preferences and availability. Assignments will be matched to optometrists based on their location and time preferences.

Rewards and Incentives 

We know you want to make sure your optometrists are getting the recognition they deserve. That's why we provide them with competitive compensation and more incentives when they get rewarded reviews from patients.

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