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About VisionPal

VisionPal was founded in 2021 and emerged as a beacon of innovation in the realm of eye health. With a steadfast commitment to accessibility and personalized care, our journey began with a vision to transform how people experience and prioritize their eye health.

In 2024, we opened a new VisionPal studio. At VisionPal's latest sync-up studio, customers can seamlessly transition between in-store and in-app shopping for an effortless experience.


Our Mission

At VisionPal, we believe that healthy vision is a fundamental part of overall well-being. Our mission is to make preventative eye care, eye health management, and treatments conveniently accessible for everyone. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and revolutionizing the way people approach their eye health.

What Sets Us Apart

VisionPal is Singapore’s first Eye Healthcare app, offering a range of services that cater to your eye health needs. We provide eye health and prescriptive screenings on the go, making it easier than ever to take care of your eyes. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering exceptional care and ensuring that your eyes receive the attention they deserve.

Join us on our journey to healthier eyes and a brighter future with VisionPal.

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Easily accessible & convenient

Have all eye care services at your fingertips, from optometrists to eye doctors.

Conveniently book an eye screening appointment and have it conducted from the comfort of your home. Or, visit us in our clinic.

Preventative care helping you be at your best

Check up on your eyes and detect any serious eye issues early.

Consult an optometrist for any eye concerns.

Review and manage your eye health

Monitor your eye health with our digitized eye health reports.

Receive professional advice about your eye health status and what to do moving forward.

Treat your eye problems

Purchase all kinds of eye care products from our ecommerce platform. From glasses and eye drops to eye supplements.

Book appointments with our eye doctors to treat your eye, like LASIK and cataract surgery.

We got your eyewear covered.


An Eyewear Insurance Protection Plan for all.

Breaking your eyewear is an expensive experience. More often than not, this results in customers compromising their vision as they opt for cheaper and poorer quality eyewear alternatives for fear an expensive accident may occur again. 

Now with VisionPal's eyewear insurance coverage, customers can shop with ease. Their eyewear is covered for the first year and can be replaced multiple times should an accidental breakage occur. 

This insurance plan was thoughtfully created by VisionPal with customers in mind, to provide a peace of mind and assurance.
In partnership with Chubb, VisionPal introduces the Asia's First Eyewear Protection Plan. 

So thankful and grateful for the world we live in.

Our Pledge: 1% to save sight

Putting people and sight over profit

VisionPal pledges 1% of our profit to Vision Save. We hope to play a part to save, restore and protect vision of Singaporeans.

Vision Save is a joint initiative by SNEC and SERI in 2011. It's ultimate goal is to save sight and transform the lives of patients, through the development of cost-effective, innovative eye care treatments and preventative strategies. 

A Greener Vision: Keeping our planet healthy 

When you order a pair of glasses from us, you will be greeted with a box made from sugar cane, your glasses (of course!) and a little bag of seeds that come with a planting guide.

With the seeds, packaging and soil (which you would have to get), you can grow your greens in your very own home! We hope that this initiative will bring greenery closer to you as you begin or continue (for some of us) our green journey. 

VisionPal Today

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Our Team

More to be thankful for, our team that obsesses about our customers, in search of ways to simplify eye care processes to bring vision directly to you. 
We serve amazing customers around the world and we have an amazing team to thank. Here's a peek on our different teams that makes us whole. 

Growth Partnerships



UX/UI Designers

Want to make a difference in the vision industry as an optometrist? Join us!

Do you share the same vision and believe in our mission? 
If you're one to challenge status quo and to making a positive difference in the world, hit the blue button below and join us! 

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