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A Definitive Guide on Coloured Contact Lenses

A Definitive Guide on Coloured Contact Lenses

Are you thinking of switching up your style with coloured contact lenses? Or perhaps you are experimenting with a new look. When it comes to the world of coloured contact lenses, it could be a tricky affair to pick out the perfect shade that is suitable for you.

A wide range of options also complicates matters. Which colour should I pick? Which shade best suits my skin tone? What are some coloured contact lens brands to consider?

Fret not! We’ve got you covered! Our team compiled a list of considerations to evaluate when choosing coloured contact lenses that’ll complement and elevate your style regardless of the occasion. 

Choosing the right coloured contact lenses relies on a few factors:

  • Skin tone

  • Hair colour 

  • Outfit  

But first, let’s understand the intricacies of matching these funky little lenses a little deeper. 


Coloured contact lens: Features to consider

The tint

Coloured contact lenses generally come with various degrees of hue which are designed for different occasions. Depending on your eye colour intensity and your penchant for dark or light coloured clothing, you’ll want to select a tint that complements your ensemble.

Whether you’re looking for something that simply enhances your natural eye colour or seeking a vivacious vibe, the all-important tint makes a world of difference when one is searching for that pair of mesmerising coloured contact lenses.

Who knows? Perhaps you’ll captivate and electrify that someone special!


Tints for coloured contact lenses: The essential details you need to know

The visibility tint

coloured contact lenses - The visibility tint

Also found in non-coloured contact lenses, the visibility tint comes with an indistinguishable tinge of blue or green. This aids in improving identification when it comes to the wearing and removal of your contact lenses. Hence, the visibility tint shouldn't be confused with the tints associated with coloured contact lenses. 


The enhancement tint

If you’re looking for a subtle emphasis, coloured contact lenses with an enhancement tint could be your ideal choice. They come with slightly translucent lenses designed to amplify eyes that are naturally light-coloured. Keep in mind that lenses with enhancement tints work less prominently for dark-coloured eyes!


An opaque tint

For those looking for a complete eye colour overhaul, select lenses with opaque tints. As opaque tints are non-transparent, they can help to conceal your natural eye colour completely by replacing them with the colour of your choice.

Regardless if you are looking to step up your style, going for date night or if you’re a fun-loving cosplayer, contact lenses with an opaque tint are the perfect solution to overhaul your eye-colour!


Colour-blending tints

A mix between the enhancement and opaque tint, colour-blending tints are more transparent towards the center of the lens while opacity increases towards the limbal ring. The subtle yet effective blend of colours takes the glow and colour of your eyes to the next level.


Doll eye lenses

The limbal ring, which refers to the outline of your iris, can be enhanced with a specific type of contact lens.  Also known as circle lenses or limbal ring lenses, they are meant to enhance and intensify your eyes by giving them a fuller look while maintaining their natural colours.


Choosing the perfect coloured contact lenses: Factors to consider

While selecting the perfect pair of coloured contact lenses could be cumbersome, we can rely on a variety of considerations to make a well-informed decision. From your skin tone to your outfit, you’ll first want to choose a colour palette that’s suitable for your ensemble.

After all, the vivacity of your preferred shade doesn't merely rely on the opacity of your iris nor its colour, it depends on several factors, such as your outfit, hair colour, style, skin tone and more!  


Choosing coloured contact lenses based on your skin’s undertone

Your skin undertone is one aspect to consider when selecting the colour of your coloured contact lenses.


What is your skin undertone?

The skin undertone is the colour beneath your skin that affects your overall hue. It is not the colour of your skin but rather the colours underneath your skin’s surface.


What are the 3 types of skin undertone?

The 3 undertones include: cool, warm and neutral.


How do you know if you have a warm or cool skin undertone?

Use the following factors below to determine your skin’s undertone. Thereafter, you can choose the ideal coloured contact lenses that’ll complement your appearance! 


Look at the colour of your veins

coloured contact lenses - colour of your veins

First, check the colour of your veins. Are they green or blue? For those with blue veins, you’ll find that your skin is leaning towards cool undertones. Similarly, those with green veins tend to have warm undertones. A mix of both signifies a neutral undertone.


Use jewellery to make a determination

coloured contact lenses - jewellery

Second, look in the mirror and compare gold and silver jewellery. Which colour do you look better with? If you find that gold jewellery provides a more intensive glow, you’re likely to have warm undertones. On the other hand, if silver jewellery looks more outstanding on you, you likely have a cool undertone. If you look equally good in both, then your skin undertone is neutral.


Check skin’s undertone with sunlight

Third, consider this: When you get to the beach, do you easily get sunburnt and turn into a shade of pinkish-red? Or are you able to enjoy the sun all day and never get burnt? The former would put you under the warm category, while the latter indicates that your skin has a cool undertone.


Selecting contact lens colours with on your skin’s undertone


If you have pink and bluish hues, you have a cool undertone. Consider contact lenses that are hazel, brown or light blue in colour.

coloured contact lenses - cool undertone



Warm undertones include a range of yellow and golden to peach colours. You can try leaning towards bright and vivid colours such as turquoise, aqua and amethyst.

coloured contact lenses - warm undertone



A neutral undertone would mean that your skin colour is roughly the same as your skin’s undertone. For neutral tones, any colour works!


Selecting coloured contact lenses based on your hair colour

Selecting a contact lens and hair colour combination allows you to mesmerise, enchant and spellbind, if it's done right! 

Pastel shades such as violet, green and light blue are extremely striking against light-coloured hair. Dark hair, on the other hand, looks amazing in bold, intensive colours.

coloured contact lenses - hair colour


If you have black and brown hair, almost any eye colour would look great!



Pairing your contact lens colour and outfit

For some people, wearing coloured contact lenses has become a daily essential that’s intertwined with their everyday routine. For others, they’ll wear coloured contact lenses only on special occasions.

Looking to mesmerise your date on a romantic night? Try donning those doll eye lenses for an enchanting look. Wearing a single-tone outfit? Match that with coloured contacts of the same colour!


Lighter toned contact lenses give off a youthful, carefree vibe. 


For job interviews, you’ll probably want to go for a natural eye colour to look more professional. 


Recommended coloured contact lenses

We’ve compiled a list of recommended coloured contact lenses, let’s check them out!


Acuvue Define

For that bright and fresh look, look no further! The 1-Day Acuvue Define Fresh or 1-Day Acuvue Define is the perfect option to dazzle with vibrant and vivid freshness.

1-Day Acuvue Define Fresh

 1-Day Acuvue Define

30 lenses per box

30 lenses per box



FreshKon Moondust

Available in a multitude of colours, the FreshKon Moondust, is perfect for those looking to enhance their eye and eye colour with the perfect balance. There are 2 options available daily or monthly depending on your preference.

 FreshKon Moondust 1-Day 10s

FreshKon Moondust 1-Month

10 lenses per box

2 lenses per box



FreshKon Alluring Eyes

For people who want that natural look, the FreshKon Alluring Eyes would be a great choice! There are a great number of natural colours to choose from: mystical black, winsome brown, magnetic grey and majestic brown for the daily option. As for the monthly lens, you’ll have the additional option of mesmeric black.

FreshKon Alluring Eyes 1-Day 30s

 FreshKon Alluring Eyes 1-Month

30 lenses per box

2 lenses per box


Try Moondust or Alluring Eyes from FreshKon if you’re feeling mysterious! With over 50% water content, these soft lenses would surely feel comfortable even after a long day out or at work!


FreshKon Maschera

For ladies, try the FreshKon Maschera if you’re headed out to party or going for date night! Available in mauve, emerald, satin, mocha, azure and honey, the daily option comes with 30 lenses per box. The monthly lens offers jade, brown, rose and crystal with 2 lenses per box.  

FreshKon Maschera 1-Day 30s

FreshKon Maschera 1-Month

30 lenses per box

 2 lenses per box


We love these lenses for their natural colours that amplify and exuberate your inner radiance.


Miacare ConFiDENCE

For those looking for subtle colours, Miacare ConFiDENCE is an excellent option to consider. Enchant your eyes while looking natural with violet, hazel, brown, gray and black tones to choose from.

Miacare CONFiDENCE Daily 10s

Miacare CONFiDENCE Monthly

10 lenses per box

 2 lenses per box


The UV blocking technology ensures that you’ll be able to maximise outdoor protection while giving you the confidence you need for all occasions.


Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Grace Daily

Looking for doll eye lenses? The Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Grace Daily is a great choice for those looking to enhance their limbal ring for maximum confidence. Available in shimmering gold, twinkle brown, crystal brown, sparkling black and glittering grey, coupled with over 50% water content, your eyes will surely charm and sparkle!

Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Grace Daily

 30 lenses per box


Menicon 2-Week Rei

The Menicon 2-Week Rei comes in 2 colours mild black and nudy brown with the toric version designed for astigmatic users. Perfect for those seeking a longer lasting lens without having to wait a full month to switch lenses.  

Menicon 2-Week Rei Toric

Menicon 2-Week Rei

6 lenses per box

 6 lenses per box


We love the ultra-fine flower dot design of the Menicon Rei which is what makes this colour-blending contact lens so special.


FreshKon Naho

Available with the monthly option for everyday essentials, or 1-day lens for special occasions, the FreshKon Naho offers 2 choices: Modern Chic for the confident, classy and modern, and Glamour Glitz if you’re feeling stylish, independent and sexy. Both options come with 2 colours depending on whether you go for the daily or monthly lenses. 

Modern Chic aims for a natural look with Cafe Long Black and Cafe Flat White for the monthly lenses and to spice things up Crystal Halo and Dreamy Halo for the daily lenses. 

Glamour Glitz on the other hand offers bold and adventurous colours with Ombre Caramel or Smoke for the monthly option and Ombre Walnut or Fossil for the daily lenses.

FreshKon Naho 1-Month Value
(without lens case)

FreshKon Naho 1-Day 10s

1 lenses per box

 10 lenses per box


There is also a lens case option for the monthly lenses, an absolute style essential!


FreshKon Colors Fusion

An absolute essential if you’re looking for unsophisticated colours. The daily lenses come with shimmering grey, blushing violet, brilliant brown, perky brown, glinting brown, warm hazel and misty grey. The monthly option has fewer colours with only the first 3 variants mentioned above.  

FreshKon Colors Fusion 1-Month

FreshKon Colors Fusion 1-Day 30s

 2 lenses per box

30 lenses per box


We love these lenses because they come with a wide variety of colours and with over 50% water content, the FreshKon Colours Fusion is a perfect balance between style and function.


Final thoughts

Ultimately, selecting coloured contact lenses boils down to your personal preference. Whether you prefer a subtle or vibrant vibe, there’s a colour available that’ll enhance your ensemble.  

Interested in acquiring a cool new look with a refreshing eye colour? Explore our range of coloured contact lenses!

Do you have any eye-related enquiries? Speak with our Tele-Optometrist!

At Vision Direct Club, customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer free replacement for torn lenses and we’ll exchange any unused and damaged boxes. What’s more! Enjoy free shipping for all contact lens subscriptions!

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