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In Partnership with EyRIS - AI-based Eye Disease Detection System

In Partnership with EyRIS - AI-based Eye Disease Detection System

Our Partnership with EyRIS:

At Vision direct club, we are proud to be partnered with EyRIS to provide an AI-powered report that will be provided after each comprehensive eye screening. 

EyRIS develops and deploys AI Deep Learning Systems (DLS) in the healthcare industry. DLS, a breakthrough machine learning technology, utilises representation-learning methods with multiple levels of representation to process raw data, recognising the intricate structures in high-dimensional data.

Alongside the primary eye care provider, the EyRIS system enhances the detection of various eye conditions, providing immediate and reliable assessment. This will improve the processes and allow the eye care provider to advise and manage the patient based on the examination. 

The AI technology uses a Deep Learning System (DLS), which thinks and makes decisions like human intelligence, to assess retinal photographs of patients automatically. This allows the system to recognise characteristics of referable diabetic retinopathy, possible glaucoma suspect, and age-related macular degeneration from the appearance in retinal images. 

Through the comprehensive eye screening, Vision Direct Club is able to obtain and process the retinal photograph through the eyes of the optometrist and the EyrRIS system to detect potential eye conditions to look out for. 

With our Home-Based Comprehensive Eye Screening

Our home-based eye screening allows us to screen their eyes for not just their prescription, but also the front and back parts of their eyes. 

After the screening of the retina, this generates a report in the patient's account that will be easily accessible for monitoring and managing. The integration of EyRIS into our eye health report helps the patient to understand changes and if there is a need for further examinations. 

Here is an example:

EyRis Report

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