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Key Reasons why improved Vision Benefits Can Enhance Your Business

Key Reasons why improved Vision Benefits Can Enhance Your Business

Employee eye care benefits are an increasingly important aspect of many workplace wellbeing initiatives, as more employers than ever before realise that a healthy workforce is a productive one.

Digital eye strain is a productivity killer

The use of screens and devices has become increasingly common in the modern world. This has led to an increase in people who have vision problems. Vision problems are now the second most common health problem in the United States. Screen use can lead to eye fatigue and other vision problems, including:

1) Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which is a condition that affects how you see on computers. Symptoms include headaches, eyestrain, blurred vision, and difficulty focusing on objects.

2) Eye strain, which is a result of looking at screens for long periods. Symptoms can include headaches, tired eyes, dry eyes, and redness around your eyes.


Every employee has different visual needs

Traditionally, vision benefits are limited to prescription glasses and contact lenses. However, there are other areas of vision care, such as protective safety glasses or sunglasses to prevent injuries to the eyes. 

With a wider range of optical benefits, the employees will be able to get eye care and eyewear suitable for their needs. 


While employee benefits packages traditionally focus on healthcare packages, there is growing employee demand for more comprehensive vision care. As digital eye strain and other issues related to increased screen time are on the rise, employers need robust vision benefits plans that all employees can leverage to stay healthy and productive.

Vision Direct Club offers corporate eye screening and optical benefits that can be customised to your company's budget and needs. 

In the corporate eye screenings, we can set up a vision wellness clinic in the office for employees to get their eye examinations onsite with our mobile optometry team. 

If you would like to find out more, you may visit our enterprise solution webpage or email us at



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