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Teleoptometry: How It Can Help You Improve Your Eye Health

Teleoptometry: How It Can Help You Improve Your Eye Health

Tele-optometry is a type of tele-health that helps people with vision problems. It is a way to see things without being present in person. People use tele-optometry to see things like medication dosage levels or the results of tests. It can also be used to help people with vision problems stay safe in dangerous situations, like driving.

What are Telehealth and Tele-optometry?

Telehealth is a term used to describe the use of technology to provide health care and support through the internet or other telecommunications networks. Telehealth can be used to provide remote patient monitoring, diagnosis, treatment, and educational tools. It has been shown to improve patient satisfaction and reduce costs.

What are the Benefits of Tele-optometry?

There are many benefits to using tele-optometry. Some of the benefits include:

- Making it easier and more efficient for you to access medical eye care for the conditions 
- Reducing wait times for diagnosis, treatment, and appropriate prescriptions
- Allowing you to obtain medical eye care and treatment by Providers at times that are convenient for you
- Avoiding unnecessary travel and allowing you to obtain medical eye care from the comfort and privacy of your home or office
- Enabling ongoing care and follow-up communication with your Providers without travel or missed work/school

When can I use Tele-optometry?

There are several reasons why tele-health is becoming increasingly popular. Telehealth can provide patients with more convenient access to health care services. Patients who are unable to visit a doctor or receive medical treatments at home may be able to receive those services through tele-health. Telemedicine also allows doctors to see patients remotely who are unable to travel or who have difficulty travelling due to their health conditions. 

Here are some ways to use tele-optometry: 

- To ask optometrist questions or concerns you might have about your eyes. 
- Analyse eye health reports and results with an optometrist
- Obtain a 2nd opinion on test or prescription results
- Contact lens-related information 
- Red Eye, eye pain 
- Glasses and frames selection 
- Other situation that allows communication via virtual platforms

If needed for further assessment, the optometrist will be able to direct you to the appropriate medical professional (Mobile Optometry assessment, GP, A&E, Eye Specialists, others) 

Tele-optometry with Vision Direct Club

At Vision Direct Club, our team of optometrists are committed to making eye care convenient and available for everyone. 

It is important to have regular eye examinations annually to have eye health screenings that allow the eye care professional to advise on the changes and manage the conditions appropriately. 

With Vision Direct Club, we have highly skilled mobile optometrists that can provide comprehensive eye examinations at your preferred location! You can find your prescription glasses, contact lenses, and lens solution through the mobile eye clinic. 

We make getting your eye care solutions simple; your prescription will be available in your account after the visit with the mobile optometrists through the mobile eye clinic.  

If you are interested in booking your tele-optometry consultation, we are offering complimentary tele-optometry services for the first 20 bookings with our promo code: [ONECALLAWAY] 

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