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Testing your eyes at home with Vision Direct Club

Testing your eyes at home with Vision Direct Club

Homebound patients require the use of their eyes as much as everyone else. For entertainment, they are going to be watching television and using tablets. They will also want to see the faces of their loved ones. This is especially true for bed-bound people, as they may not be able to move around easily and may need to have regular eye exams. 


Who are these patients?

Dementia patients:

Eye exams can be stressful and demanding to these patients. If there are any unnoticed blurry vision, this can add to their confusion. A home eye test is recommended as they might not be able to visit the local optical stores unaccompanied. 

Bed-bound patients:

It is very difficult for patients confined to the bed to move around too much, and mobile examinations can provide them with the vision they need. 

Wheel-chair bound patients:

They might have more ability to head outside for their needs. However, many optical stores are not wheelchair friendly. This includes the testing chairs that require the patients to sit on. 

Individual / Children with special needs:

are usually more familiar and comfortable with routines. In their homes, we can also accommodate their teachers, their family members. 

Other mobility issues as well. 

As long as we are able to get accurate responses that can be verbal or non-verbal. These eye examinations can be performed! 

This is why mobile optometry services are important to be available. 

Vision Direct Club can provide eye examinations for patients with various needs as a mobile optometry provider. We have experienced optometrists who can perform these eye examinations directly from their homes. 

You can contact us directly through our chatbot here to find out more or book here for the various eye examinations as well! 

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