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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Contact Lenses For You

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Contact Lenses For You

There are a lot of different contact lenses out there, and it can take time to decide which ones are right for you. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this guide, we’re going to discuss the common types of contact lenses and their effects on your eye health. We’ll also discuss when you should not wear them and what to consider when choosing them. So, if you want to take your contact lens-wearing experience to the next level, read on!

Daily or Monthly Contact Lenses?

Firstly, wearing frequency should be considered when selecting the type of lens. 

Daily contact lenses provide greater convenience, as they can be disposed of after each use and do not require routine cleaning or care. They offer low wear frequency, so they can last more than a month if not worn daily. However, they are usually more expensive than monthly disposable lenses.

Monthly contact lenses are ideal for those looking to wear them regularly. However, proper hygiene and maintenance practices are essential to ensure optimal comfort and reduce potential contact lens complications.

So which type of contact lens is best for you?

That all depends on your needs and preferences. Monthly disposable lenses could be a good option if you want a high wear frequency. If cost is not a significant concern, daily disposable lenses may be your better choice.

Ultimately, it is vital to consider your lifestyle habits before making a definitive decision.

Effects of contact lenses on eye health

Recent research has indicated that contact lens wearers may be more vulnerable to eye infections and dry eyes than those who do not wear contacts. This higher susceptibility could be related to the extended use of contact lenses, with dry eye symptoms including fatigue, irritation, and difficulty focusing on objects.

So if you wear contacts, taking care of your eyes is essential. Cleaning and soaking your lenses daily, using a good eye makeup remover, and wearing your lenses within the recommended duration can go a long way in keeping your eyes healthy and comfortable.

When should I NOT wear contact lenses?

1: When swimming or taking a shower

A potential hazard to contact lens wearers is the presence of microscopic organisms in the water. These organisms can become trapped in the lenses, leading to various adverse eye implications.

2. If your eyes are inflamed or swollen

Contact lenses may aggravate inflamed or swollen eyes, making the situation worse. In these cases, wearing contact lenses may not be in your best interest.

3. When you have an eye infection

Wearing contact lenses while you have an active eye infection can increase your chances of developing a more severe infection. If you have an existing eye infection, it is best to take antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor and wait until the infection is completely cleared before starting contact lens wear.

So while contact lenses are generally safe and beneficial for your eyes, there are certain instances where they should not be worn. 

Do I need to see an ophthalmologist before buying contact lenses?

No, you need not see an ophthalmologist before purchasing contact lenses. However, you should consult your optometrist or doctor to discuss your individual needs and whether or not contact lenses are the right solution for you. An optometrist can also provide you with a prescription for your chosen type of lenses if needed.

Can I purchase contact lenses online?

Yes, you can purchase contact lenses online. However, consult your doctor or optometrist before doing so, as not all contact lenses are approved for online purchase. Additionally, ensure you have a valid prescription (i.e. within the last six months) before making an online purchase.


In conclusion, our guide is a great place to start if you want advice on choosing the best contact lenses for your needs. Following our tips and guidelines, you can ensure that your eyes are always safe and healthy while wearing contacts. It can be an enjoyable experience that benefits both your eyes and wallet. I'd like you to please consult your doctor before making any changes to your contact lens-wearing routine.

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