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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use Bi-weekly Contact Lenses

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use Bi-weekly Contact Lenses

There are multiple reasons to consider purchasing a pair of contact lenses. Perhaps you are looking to switch up your style and dive into the world of coloured contact lenses, or it could be you are looking to engage in physical activity and don’t want to risk breaking your expensive glasses. Maybe you’re even exploring ways to avoid crying when cutting up onions. 

Regardless of your reasons, getting a pair of contact lenses requires choosing between daily, weekly and monthly contact lenses. 

We made a guide on the main differences between daily and monthly contacts as well as their pros and cons. 

But for those who want the best of both worlds, bi-weekly contact lenses offer a happy medium. As opposed to daily contact lenses that need replacing every day, or monthly contacts that you replace monthly, bi-weekly contact lenses are replaced every 2 weeks. That said, here are 6 reasons why you should use bi-weekly contact lenses.


1. Cheaper than Daily Contact Lenses

Bi-weekly contact lenses are more cost-effective than daily contact lenses since you only need to buy a pack every six weeks or so. You don’t need to dispose of them every day; once you are done, clean and store them in their protective case until you need them again. This is especially relevant for people who only wear their contacts for a few hours each day, which brings us to our next point - flexibility. 


2. Flexible Usage


Weekly contacts provide flexible vision


Let’s say, for example, you want to play a game of basketball after a long day at work. While a spectacle strap will hold your glasses in place, they also tend to get studded with sweat making them uncomfortable and very wet after a mile or two. 

Bi-weekly contacts come in handy in such a situation. You can use and store on your schedule without being wasteful. 


3. More Hygienic than Monthly Contact Lenses

Weekly contacts more hygienic than monthly contact lenses

One common result of wearing monthly contact lenses is that in the final weeks some people experience discomfort. Frequent use accumulates build-up, which in turn can become irritating and in worse cases cause bacterial infections without proper care. 

As such, bi-weekly contact lenses come across as a more hygienic option because you only need to use them for a week or so, before they ever have the chance to amass any deposits that may cause discomfort and provided you clean and store them properly.


4. More Durable than Daily Contact Lenses

Bi-weekly contact lenses have the benefit of being far more durable than the thinner daily contact lenses which also makes them better to handle. 


5. Better for the Environment

Another reason for choosing bi-weekly contacts is the environment. Daily contacts need to be replaced every day which causes a lot of wastage. Using bi-weekly contact lenses is an effective way to minimise your environmental footprint. 



Interested in a pair of bi-weekly contact lenses, browse through our wide range of options here

And if you are stuck on deciding which brand to settle for, consult our list of essential contact lens brands to guide your decision-making. 



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