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Certified industrial safety eyewear

Prescription Safety Eyewear tailored for offices and personal orders of 5 pairs and above

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All thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted furniture, for your home sweet home.

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Certifications & quality

Prescription eye protection

advanced frame technology

High-end materials


Safety solution for any work environment

Choosing the right protection is critical to ensuring adequate occupational safety. Shamir offers advanced solutions for a range of professions at risk of getting injured at work, including: Medical staff, those working in construction and manufacturing industries, agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining.

Customized design & Optimal wraparound lenses

With advanced expertise in lens manufacturing and complex designs, we offers prescription lenses for even the most extreme-shaped wraparound frames.

Eyres frames use advanced frame and lens materials to ensure that the eyewear is a premium quality, and never fails where protection is critical.

Eyres provide a range of materials to suit a huge variety of lifestyles and challenges, always keeping comfort, performance, precise vision, and safety in mind.

Durable, high-quality materials

We manufacture our lenses from high-index plastics or polycarbonates, which reduce lens thickness, and ultimately improve comfort and overall aesthetics.Our qualitative frame materials ensure that the eyewear never fails where protection and performance are critical.

Lens coatings can enhance eyeglasses’ aesthetic appearance, durability, and performance, and Shamir’s high-quality coatings are among the world’s very best.

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About Shamir

“Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. is a world-leading producer of high-performance lenses. Our R&D Department, based in Israel, the start-up nation, consistently develops the latest technologies.Our values, the driving force behind our ideas and actions, keep the ECP in the center. Every Shamir representative is personally committed to our customers’ vision, and to providing the best service and support to meet and exceed their expectations, all with a personal touch.”

"I've been using Shamir Eyres safety eyewear for over a year now, and I can't recommend them enough. The clarity of vision and the comfort they provide during long work hours are exceptional. Most importantly, I feel safer knowing my eyes are well-protected. A game-changer in the world of safety eyewear!"

Lee Ah Hai

"In the oil and chemical industry, safety is non-negotiable. Shamir Eyres safety eyewear has been a game-changer for our team. The lenses are resistant to chemicals and provide clear vision even in challenging conditions. I trust my eyes to Shamir Eyres, and you should too!"

Otsraw Choudary

"Handling hazardous materials requires top-notch safety gear. Shamir Eyres safety eyewear has been our go-to choice for eye protection. They're not only comfortable to wear for long hours but also incredibly durable. When it comes to eye safety, Shamir Eyres is the gold standard in our industry."

Collins Mitchson



2-year Warranty