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Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what we don’t have than what we do have. When we take time out to reflect on what we do have, we become appreciative for the many things around us. 

There are many reasons why we're thankful, and one of those is that we have an opportunity to transform the vision industry while keeping our planet’s health at heart. 

Pledging 1% to save sight.

Putting people and sight over profit

Our products and services ensure that people can see clearly, which empowers them to make the world a better place.

Your purchases fuels our purpose. Every purchase you make at our company fuels our purpose. By choosing Vision Direct Club you are doing thrice the good, you get quality vision care, play a part in saving vision and contributing to global reforestation. 

VisionPal pledges 1% of our profit to Vision Save.

We hope to play a part to save, restore and protect vision of Singaporeans. 

About Vision Save

Vision Save is a joint initiative by SNEC and SERI in 2011. It's ultimate goal is to save sight and transform the lives of patients, through the development of cost-effective, innovative eye care treatments and preventative strategies. 

80% of disease-related vision loss is avoidable through prevention or treatment

Vision Save funds revolutionary eye research that will reverse the slow fade to blindness experienced by our patients.

Accessible eye care for those who need it most 

With eye conditions striking Singaporeans of all ages, the need for medical eye care intervention has never been stronger. Vision Save offers financial assistance to those in need. 

Continuity of quality eye care in Singapore

The future of Singapore’s vision rests on the shoulders of the next generation of eye care specialists, residents and health care providers. Vision Save supports training and education funding to ensure the continuity of quality eye care in medical professionals.

A greener vision 

Keeping our planet healthy 

Singapore generates over 400 thousand tonnes of plastic waste. We recognise that packaging contributes to this statistic and have set out to constantly seek sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging. Eco-responsible packaging is part of our ethos to keep our planet safe and healthy.

Forests are central in developing global solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We’re proud to be part of noissue, Eco Packaging Alliance in contributing to global reforestation.

With VisionPal’s eco-responsible packaging, you can now

Plant a seed and grow your greens. 

When you order a pair of glasses from us, you will be greeted with a box made from sugar cane, your glasses (of course!) and a little bag of seeds that comes with a planting guide. With these seeds, packaging and soil (which you would have to get), you can grow your greens in your very own home! We hope this initiative will bring some greenery closer to you as you begin or continue (for some of us) our green journey.

Video guide on growing your greens

See how you can grow your microgreens using our biodegradable planter trays.