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Our eyeglasses lens guide

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Signature Clear + Blue Light Protection 

1) Clear lens without the blue tint 

Eliminates the unsightly blue residue seen from other products that block blue light. 

2) Blocks UV and HEV (High Energy Visible light aka Blue Light)  

Blocks the right amount of blue light to keep eyes healthy while maintaining high visual clarity and colour perception. 

3) Protects from artificial light sources 

Prolonged exposure to blue light results in tired eyes, dry eye and eye strain, inadequate visual contrast, and headaches. It can also increase your risk of macular degeneration and retinal disease.

4) Suitable for all ages 

Recommended for adults, children and for wearers of prescription or plano lenses.

Lens Types

Choosing the right prescription lenses for your eyes

Single Vision 

These lenses have a single power over the whole lens. 


Our multifunctional progressive lenses provide correction for far, intermediate and near vision for everyday use with smooth transition and maximum comfort. 
If you have an add value in your prescription, then progressive lenses are suitable for you. They also come without the lines like bifocal or trifocal lenses.


Built in UV and blue light protection in style and comfort without prescription.

Lens Functions

Add on your qualities

Photochromic Lenses – Light Intelligent Lenses  

By the world’s most popular brand, Transitions. These lenses relieve you from changing between glasses and sunglasses as they darken outdoors and keeps fully clear indoors. They also block 100% UV and harmful blue light. Light up your style and choose from Transitions signature colours.


Coated with a film that effectively neutralizes sunlight glare, our polarised lenses protects from UV light and delivers clear vision while improving contrast. Change any pair of eyeglasses to your favourite pair of sunglasses with polarised lenses. 

Lens Materials

Polycarbonate and index choices

Standard 1.60 index

Our favourite type of lightweight basic lenses comes standard for all glasses. Suitable for all ages. 

Slim 1.67 index 

Perfect for those looking for slimmer and lighter lenses. Recommended for higher prescriptions with power ranges +/- 4.00 to +/- 6.00.

Super Thin 1.74 

Recommended for stronger prescriptions +/- 6.25 or greater and anyone who prefers thinner lenses. 

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