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8 Life-Changing Benefits Of Buying Contact Lenses Online

8 Life-Changing Benefits Of Buying Contact Lenses Online

Ah, the magic of online shopping. 

With just the touch of your fingertips, you can simply purchase the necessary amenities and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Convenient right? 

What about contact lenses?


Restocking contact lenses can be tedious

Amidst your busy lifestyle, it can be a cumbersome affair to drop by the optical store periodically simply for the sake of replenishing your contact lens supply.

Furthermore, if restocking your contact lenses constantly slips your mind, you’ll inevitably be forced to substitute your vision correction with glasses till the next resupply.

If you’re up for an efficient, practical and convenient solution, consider buying your contact lenses online!

But why?


The benefits of purchasing your contact lenses online

1. It’s convenient

With the convenience of online shopping, resupplying your lenses is as easy as it gets.

A straightforward process. Gone will be the days of unnecessary, tedious and inconvenient travel.

Simply upload your prescription, select your preferred brand and your contact lenses are on the way. A fuss-free process that can be done at home, in the office or even if you’re on the go!


2. No more adhering to regular store hours

In this fast paced day and age where time is colossally precious, making a trip down to the optical shop can be arduous, especially if there are more efficient options.

Regardless if you’re a busy working professional, a full-time parent or a stressed-out student, picking the time that coincides with regular opening hours would mean that you might have to painstakingly readjust your schedule to some degree of inconvenience.

Unlike physical establishments with standard opening hours, online shops are generally available 24/7, the perfect alternative for those who value convenience.


3. Contact lenses delivered directly to your doorstep

The notion of delivery has never been as prevalent in any other time period before the 21st century. In this technological era, doing a task yourself can be time-consuming, since you can better spend that time in a more meaningful fashion. To say that ‘time is money’ is certainly not a lie.

Once your order has been received, your purchases will be automatically processed, packed and shipped. It will then take a few working days for your contact lenses to reach your preferred address, whether it's your home, office or another location.


4. Buying lenses online is cheaper

Yes, you’ve read this right. It’s cheaper to buy your contact lenses online simply because the costs of operating a retail outlet are higher.

Way higher in modern cities with the cost per square foot reaching exorbitant rates at prime locations. Inevitably, such costs are passed down to the end consumer to justify the higher expenses.


5. Save time 

As online optical stores provide delivery services, you don’t have to make constant trips to your optometrist just for the sake of replenishing your contact lenses. Furthermore, transportation may not be cheap, especially if you have to cab down at the last minute before the retail outlet closes.


6. Your prescription records will be saved for future transactions

Once you upload your prescription, your records will be saved for future transactions, meaning you don’t have to constantly call your optometrist for a reference letter whenever you need to buy a new set of contact lenses. 

The next time you sign in to your account, you can simply select your favourite brand of contact lenses and head straight to payment.


7. You’ll never forget to stock up on contact lenses

If you’re too busy with life and occasionally find that you’ve run out of contact lenses, consider a contact lens subscription! All you have to do is to sit back, relax and the logistical “clockwork” is already in motion.

With a subscription, your lenses will be delivered to your doorstep automatically, so you don’t ever have to worry about running out of contact lenses. 


8. Earn credit card points

If there’s one distinct advantage of buying online, it’s that you’re surely given the option of making card payments. Considering that some optical stores may not accept credit cards, the opportunity to earn those precious air travel miles or cashback is unmistakably forsaken.

Whether you’re planning for your next vacation or looking forward to maximising your cost savings, paying via your credit card is certainly a financially savvy avenue to consider.



With the multiplicity of advantages that comes with online purchases, it is definitely a viable option for those living a busy modern lifestyle. Say goodbye to the needless hassle and enjoy the advantages of buying your contact lenses online!

Note that you should only buy from a licensed contact lens supplier, you can check out the guidelines from the FDA: here.

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