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Daily VS Monthly Contact Lenses: What Is The Difference?

Daily VS Monthly Contact Lenses: What Is The Difference?

Between daily vs monthly contact lenses, what are the differences? Apart from the obvious, which is their duration.

After all, they seem to purely be visual aids or aesthetic accessories, serve the same functions and are more or less made of similar materials. So why do they have different price points? And why is the duration different?

In actuality, every pair of contact lenses are created to suit diverse lifestyles and cater to varying medical requirements.

So, which type of contact lenses are suitable for you and which option is the most cost-efficient? Let’s take a look at the oblivious differences between daily vs monthly contact lenses, if you have not yet made a decision!

Are you ready to delve into the world of contact lense? 


Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contact lenses, as the name suggests are single use contact lenses meant to be disposed of at the end of the day. Generally developed with thinner materials that contain higher water content, these lenses provide more moisture and hydration for up to 24 hours.


Monthly contact lenses

Monthly disposables are made to last for up to 30 days before they are replaced. Designed with lasting durability in mind, monthly contact lenses consist of a thicker composition and contain moisture retention properties for extended periods.


Daily VS Monthly Contact Lenses: Considerations


Daily disposables cost more right off the shelf since you are essentially replacing your lenses everyday, hence the long term costs would exceed their monthly or bi-weekly cousins, if we only compare the bare costs of the lenses.

Of course, there are other considerations. Should glasses be your default aid for visual correction, then perhaps daily contact lenses could be a practical and cost-effective solution, since you might only want to don that pair of contacts for special occasions.

On the other hand, monthly disposable lenses are designed to last for an extended period of time. This also means that they require extra care and maintenance, such as daily cleaning using a contact lens solution.

To put into perspective, a contact lens solution such as the Bausch & Lomb Boston Advance Conditioning Solution 120ml costs less than $14 and the Bausch & Lomb Boston Advance Cleaner 30ml is available from $12. 

Boston Advance Cleaning Solution 120mlBoston Advance Cleaner 30ml

If you wear your contacts daily, going for the monthly option would make more financial sense, although there are other trade-offs to consider. 



In terms of time-savings and convenience, there is no argument: Daily disposables have the upperhand as there is no need to adhere to a demanding cleansing procedure nor do you have to worry about carrying a lens case and bottle of solution whenever you travel! Whenever your eyes feel discomfort or dry, simply discard your daily lenses by popping on a fresh pair. 

Monthly contact lenses on the other hand, are indubitably a more troublesome substitution as you have to wash them thoroughly after every use and maintain impeccable lens care habits to retain its reusability. Think of the time needed to maintain and clean your monthly lenses!

Nevertheless, they allow for a longer period of wearability throughout the day, meaning that you don’t have to be constantly vigilant regarding the need to switch to a new pair.



When it comes to contact lenses, hygiene is crucial in preventing possible infection which can result in dire consequences.

Daily contact lenses tend to be a safer option against bacterial build-up due to their single-use characteristics. As you’ll be using a fresh pair straight from a sterile condition, there is a lower chance of contamination and issues resulting from a lack of hygiene or proper cleaning.

With thorough cleaning, monthly contact lenses are safe to use, although maintenance can take effort. Keeping up with an impeccable lens cleaning routine could be daunting especially if you’re able to go to bed earlier instead of spending that extra 5 minutes cleaning your lenses! 


Daily VS Monthly Contact Lenses: Considerations

Are you wearing contact lenses for the first time?

As a first-time contact lens user, daily disposables are certainly the ideal option. Afterall, it’s the easiest to maintain. 

When you start wearing contact lenses in the beginning, it might be difficult to jump straight into a regular routine of removing and cleansing your lenses. Since it could take some time to grow accustomed to wearing contact lenses, daily disposables will be an easier choice for new users.


Your lifestyle

If you enjoy sports and outdoor activities on a regular basis, wearing contact lenses will lead to the accumulation and exposure of dirt and sweat, beefing up the maintenance required. In this scenario, daily contact lenses will be a better option for their convenience since you can simply replace them with a new pair after every cycle. 

In contrast, if your lifestyle revolves around a controlled environment such as an office and prefer the flexibility of removing and storing contact lenses at any time, monthly disposables are the better option. Simply sterilise your monthly lenses if required!


How often do you wear contact lenses?

This is a vital consideration as the decision between daily vs monthly contact lenses relies on your regularity. 

Are you wearing it as a visual aid, eye correction or purely for aesthetic purposes? Do you wear it on an everyday basis or merely for special events?

If you contact lenses is a necessary part of your daily life, monthly disposables has its benefits as they:

  • Are a cheaper alternative compared to daily disposables

  • Can be worn for longer hours in a day

On the other hand, if you wear contact lenses only on certain occasions, daily contact lenses could be your preferred option since daily contact lenses are:

  • Hassle free with no complicated cleaning and storing requirements

  • More convenient switch to a new pair after every cycle

If you have the tendency to alternate between glasses and contact lenses, monthly disposables are also a more viable option as they can be reused with proper storage in such circumstances. 


Do you have pre-existing eye allergies or succumb to infections easily? 

Based on your prescription, your optometrist will be able to advise you on the appropriate type of lenses that your eye requires. Other considerations include potential eye allergies and sensitivity, where you’ll require specific lenses based on your optometrists’ prescription. 

For example, If you’re prone to dry eyes, you will need contact lenses that provide optimum water retention. For sensitive eyes, you may require thicker lenses against external contaminants or daily lenses to counter potential bacteria build-up.

Ultimately, it all depends on your eye care requirements.



Regardless of your decision, you have to ensure that you purchase a pair of quality contact lenses that are comfortable and compatible with your lifestyle. After all, a new contact lens routine requires a certain degree of commitment.

For more in-depth information regarding eye health, feel free to contact our tele-optometrist for a professional consultation.

Whether you are inclining towards daily or monthly lenses,  check out our contact lenses here. 

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