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Finding The Perfect Spectacle Frames For Your Face Shape

Finding The Perfect Spectacle Frames For Your Face Shape

Let's admit, the hunt for the perfect spectacle frames often begins with picking out the best option for our faces. While comfort, fit and durability are all worthy considerations, anecdotal evidence suggests that the average person will not consider committing to a purchase unless their choice looks great too. 

Given the multitude of designs, narrowing down to the best of the best can be a headache or, worse, a browser full of endless tabs. So, we wanted to put the matter at rest by providing a general guideline on frames that work best for certain face shapes. 

Types of Faces Shape

If you’ve done some research you’ll find several ideas on how many face shapes exist. From teardrop to kite, heptagon, and trapeze, each of them describes valid representations of what face shape you have. But we opted to go for just four because we believe others are slight variations of them and the suggestions we made should apply.

Last but not least, keep in mind that taste is subjective, what looks good to one person might not look good to another; this article is meant to serve as a guide and therefore should not be taken as a rule book. Your choice should ultimately be what you are happy with. 

Oval-shaped Face

Oval-shaped Face

Oval-shaped faces are considered to be one of the most versatile faces around because of their balanced proportions. They can match with most frame shapes making it easier for them to adopt the latest trends. 

This doesn’t mean they should pick whatever comes off the shelf; frame shapes should underline the best features of the face. 

Oval faces are identified by examining the cheekbones in relation to the forehead and chin; cheekbones rest higher on the face and gradually taper towards the chin in a slight curve and towards the forehead. 

The defining aspect of an oval-shaped face is the even proportions for the face. As such, angular frames work best to provide a graceful symmetry.

Best Frames for an Oval-shaped Face

Square frames 

Geometry is the name of the game when selecting frames for oval faces. What you want to go for are frames that are uniform to provide a bit more dimension to the face. As such, square frames are suitable picks; the angles to the frame will help give more character to your face. Square frames are suitable for both men and women, but that’s not the same for our next recommendation. 

Cat-eye Frames

Cat-eye Frames
We recommend Cat-eye frames for women; the sharp angles evoke a bold and enchanting look that is sure to go with almost any outfit. Cat-eye shapes highlight the cheekbones and will no doubt add a little bit of mystery and charm to your ensemble.

Round Frames

Speaking of proportion, rounded frames are worth checking out. They soften up the general shape of the face while maintaining a natural balance. Select frames that are slightly wider than the width of your face for the best look. 

Rectangle Frames

Sorry ladies, this goes out to the men. A classic they are, rectangle frames are sure to add a little character and edge to an oval face. They are bold, unapologetic and exude quiet confidence. Rectangle frames are suitable for almost any style. 

Square-shaped Face

Square faces are easily recognised for their angular features. The key trait to look for is a wide forehead that matches the width of the jawline. You also find that square-shaped faces tend to have a somewhat flat chin.

Frames with round characteristics are best for people with square faces as they add soft contrast to the sharp and striking features.

Best Frames for Square-shaped Faces

Round Frames

Round Frames

Round frames are a great choice for square faces. Large round frames, that extend over the width of the face, are better to achieve a balanced counterpoint to the bold and edgy outlines of square shaped faces. 

Cat-eye Frames

Cat-eye frames are back in vogue which is something you’ll be glad to hear about if you have a square-shaped face. They offer curves and motion to the frank facial structures, resulting in a look that oozes character. 


Aviator frames work wonders in easing the angularity of the face. The slightly bottomed out rim helps to downplay the potent lines of the jawline. 

Round-shaped Face

Round faces are easy to distinguish due to being slightly similar to square faces. The sides of the faces are soft instead of straight as they curve from the jawline towards the chin. 

When choosing frames for round faces, you want to prioritise frames that add angles to your facial structure. 

Best Frames for a Round-shaped Face

Rectangular Frames

Rectangular frames add structure to your face by creating distinct lines that culminate in a balanced harmony. You will also notice that they’ll make your face look longer and thinner than it really is. 

Cat-eye Frames

Cat-eye frames work wonders for ladies with round faces. For men, we’d recommend frames that are a little wider across the length of the rims. Regardless of gender, cat-eye frames are great for adding a little presence to the facial structure. They also help to draw attention to the eyes. 

Square Frames

Much like rectangular frames, square frames make a round face appear longer by adding angular dimensions resulting in a bold contrast to the curvy and soft features of the face.

Heart-shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are known for their V-shaped profile where the widest part of the face is at the forehead, gradually narrowing down to the jaw. 

Owners of heart-shaped faces may celebrate because they are also one of the easiest to find frames for. The best options are frames slightly wider than the width of the forehead. Frames with rounded bases are especially great for those with very narrow chins.

Best Frames for Heart Shaped Faces

Round Frames 

Round frames are simply great for heart-shaped faces because they level out the sharp features of the face, especially for those with pointy chins.

Rectangular Frames

Rectangular frames make for a good contrast to the curves of a heart-shaped face. They provide structure to curvy features, helping the forehead appear narrower.

Rimless and Semi-Rimless Frames

Rimless and Semi-rimless frames are best if you prefer to draw attention to your facial features. Semi-rimless are better for adding balance to the forehead while also highlighting the jawline.


Now that you’ve figured out the best frames for your face, take a stroll through our wide selection of eyeglasses. We are certain you’ll find many eye-catching options looking for a face to call home. 

You’ll need some swanky lenses to go with your new purchases, so be sure to reach our qualified optometrist to get an accurate measurement for your prescriptions. 

They’ll be happy to come over to your location if a comprehensive eye examination is needed. 

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