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Is vision our most valued sense?

Is vision our most valued sense?

Based on a study88% of participants ranked vision as their most valued sense.

A human's vision is complicated because it contains a variety of information from different parts of the eye. The retina converts light into electrical signals that are sent to the brain. The brain interprets these signals and uses them to see.

How are our eyes able to achieve so much? 

The eyes are amazing organs. They process the light into details that are read by the brain to allow us to see, which is important for everyday activities like walking and getting around. The eyes also help us stay safe by detecting things like movement and danger. The eyes are able to do all of this because they have a lot of special features.

When light enters our eyes, it passes through our eyes across 2 main layers, the cornea and the lens before focusing the light and the image onto the back of the eye at the retina for light to be generated. 

refraction cornea

One feature is that the eyes have a lot of receptors that allow them to see in different directions. This helps us avoid getting hit by something when we're walking, for example. We have two types of receptors at the back of the eye, the rods and the cones. There are about 120 million rods and up to 7 million cones. Rods are more sensitive than cones but cannot detect colour, which the cones can. 

Perception of colours 

Humans have 3 types of cones to help us perceive red, green and blue, this combination helps us see the ranges of colours that we are able to see. When there is colour vision deficiency, one or more of these cones does not work and this can lead to confusion of colours. 

People with colour vision deficiencies are still able to perceive colours in a range and shade that is different from normal. 


A regular vision test is a small investment for something that has such a huge impact on our lives. Our eyes aren’t just performing a task, they are the portal through which our brain can tell us about our world, learn new things, and make wonderful memories. All of these are reasons why vision is such an important thing to take care of. 

Vision Direct Club makes it simple for you to book eye examinations from our platform to get your eyes examined hassle-free and at the location of your choice. 

  1. Visit from your mobile devices or computers
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  4. Select the number of individuals to be screened
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  6. Enter your details with essential questions for the consultation
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