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What Is Myopia Control In A Nutshell?

What Is Myopia Control In A Nutshell?

Myopia management or Myopia control is an area of children's eye care dedicated to slowing down the progression of myopia. These options can be prescribed as glasses, soft contact lenses, orthokeratology and special eye drop such as atropine. 

Myopia by itself might not seem like a big issue as it can be corrected with glasses, contact lenses and even surgery like LASIK. However, when the eye is stretched excessively can lead to a higher risk of developing eye diseases and visual impairment over their lifetime. 


"Myopia control is about the quality of life."


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The story can be different for your child as technologies, and more research is available for myopia management strategies. 

What does the optometrist consider when recommending the optimal myopia control?


When recommending the optimal myopia control, an optometrist will consider a patient's age, level of myopia, risk of progression and other lifestyle factors such as near work or reading habits.

1. Age - The younger the child is, the faster myopia progression. Children 7 years of age progress by at least 1D per year; they are halving by age 11-12.

2. Family History - Children with two myopic parents are the fastest progressors in single vision spectacle and atropine corrections—children with one myopic parent progress less than the former but more than those without such family history.

3. Visual Environment: near work at less than 20cm working distance and durations of longer than 45 minutes have been linked with more myopia progression.

4. Ethnicity - Asian ethnicity has been linked to faster myopia progression. 


Types of Myopia Control Options available?


These special designs are clinically researched on children to have an effect on slowing of myopia. 

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1) Glasses Lens

These can come in designs such as progressive or myopia defocus designs. They work either by supporting their eye coordination at near or by creating a ring of defocus that reduces the signal for the eyes to continue growing longer.


2) Contact Lenses

Kids can wear contact lenses too! These contact lenses are available in soft contact lenses and orthokeratology (night lens) to control myopia. However, the children will be required to learn how to care for the contact lenses properly. 


3) Atropine

Atropine is available in different concentrations. This can be considered when children are unsuitable for optical intervention and fast progressors. Side effects of this drug can include sensitivity to bright light, reduced focusing abilities, required progressive lenses. 


4) Visual Environment Advice

- At least 90 minutes per day outdoors 

- 20/20 Rule: Every 20 Minutes, take 20 seconds breaks 

- Elbow Rule: Keep a forearm distance from your eyes to the devices/books


In general, if you are interested in knowing more about the options available, please consult an optometrist to assess the best option for your child. These options have to be screened by the providers to ensure that it is a good fit for the child's eye risk, prescription, and lifestyle. 

We are available through our newest chatbot to connect directly with our optometrist! We provide tests and recommendations for the children as well. 

Specialised eye examination children

Book your next eye examination with Vision Direct Club, we are able to screen for children! 

For children below 12, we recommend our Myopia Care Program, which is a holistic program for parents to monitor the child's vision for changes. 

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