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How often should I bring my child for an eye check?

How often should I bring my child for an eye check?

Eye checks

Regular eye checks are essential to detect myopia in children and to ensure that their eyes are developing normally. Eye screening can be done by optometrists or eye specialists who are well-trained and knowledgeable in paediatric optometry. Singapore offers annual school eye checks for children starting from pre-school (5-7 years) up till secondary school (13-16 years).

Babies (Age 3 and below)

When going for regular paediatric appointments, ensure that you schedule a time to get your child's eyes screened. The first eye screening for children should be done during the new-born phase (0-2 months). The red reflex test is commonly tested on babies to detect any abnormality in their lens and ensure that their eyes are functioning normally. The second eye screening should be done between 6 to 12 months of age. Some of the screening activities might include light.

Children and Teenagers (Age 3 to 19)

For older children, it is recommended to have eye checks every 1 to 2 years during their regular health checks. For those that are myopic, they should have their eyes checked every 6 months. This allows the Optometrist/ Eye Care Professional to monitor their prescription and the effectiveness of the current myopia correction.

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