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The 3 Os of Eye Care: Ophthalmologist, Optometrist and Optician

The 3 Os of Eye Care: Ophthalmologist, Optometrist and Optician

Who should you visit when you have an issue with your eyes? There are three main eye care professionals that you could be interested to learn more about before your next eye examination. Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Opticians all play a very important role in taking care of your eyes. They have different levels of training and expertise for the different eye care professionals. 

Who are Ophthalmologists?

An Ophthalmologist is a medical or osteopathic doctor that specialises in eye care. They are licensed to practice medicine and perform surgery. They can diagnose medical eye problems and treat eye diseases. Many ophthalmologists are also involved in advanced research in new cures and management of eye diseases. 

There are general ophthalmologists and specialisations that will require more in-depth training called a fellowship. This prepares the doctor for more complex cases in areas such as glaucoma, retina, cornea, paediatrics, neurology and plastic surgery, as well as others. 

Who are Optometrists?

Optometrists are primary eye care professionals who can provide sight testing, vision correction, diagnosis and management of eye conditions. They are licensed to prescribe different vision solutions from glasses, contact lenses, and specialised lenses such as orthokeratology. 

Optometrists can also specialise in areas such as contact lenses, dry eyes, sports vision, paediatrics, vision therapy, operating a mobile eye clinic and more. 

Who are Opticians?

Opticians are skilled technicians that can design, fit and verify glasses to correct eyesight. Opticians are not permitted to treat or diagnose any eye conditions. 

Eye Examinations are important.

With Vision Direct Club, we have highly skilled mobile optometrists that can provide comprehensive eye examinations at your preferred location! You can find your prescription glasses, contact lenses, and lens solution through the mobile eye clinic. 

We make getting your contact lenses online simple; your prescription will be available in your account after the visit with the mobile optometrists through the mobile eye clinic. 

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