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Why do I need a prescription for my contacts?

Why do I need a prescription for my contacts?

Ordering your contact lenses may be smooth. You should be able to simply get one on with just a few clicks. 

Unfortunately, an expired prescription can get in the way. 
It’s frustrating, we totally get it, but it’s important to have an updated prescription. Most contact lens wearers have been there, and have asked the same question, “Why do I even need a prescription for contacts?”

We’re glad you asked.

Your prescription’s strength and fit.
First and foremost, a prescription is essential to getting contacts in the first place. Sadly, the world isn’t perfect as evidenced by, if nothing else, our imperfect vision.
As you know, your vision can naturally change over time. Especially as you age into your 50’s and 60’s. Without a new prescription and the exam that goes along with it, you might be stuck wearing incorrect lenses which can potentially make your vision worse.

We don’t want that. You don’t want that. No one wants that.

Not only does your eye doctor write a prescription with your vision measurements, but they also include a brand. The brand is there to guarantee you get a contact that uses a material perfect for your eye health needs and make sure the fit is exact, to avoid any discomfort. This is a crucial part of your prescription and is necessary for us to fill your order.


Source: 1800contacts

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