Get your eyes examined by a qualified optometrist from the comfort of your home or office.
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Our story

Let’s say,

- You can seek advice from optometrists without visiting the optical store
- You can easily order the best products from known brands instead of online knock offs.
- You don’t have to doubt if the products are authentic
- You save a bunch of time in the process.

Vision Direct Club is a Singapore based VisionTech start up.
The question we always ask ourselves is, how can we simplify the eye care process so our customers can have control over their time, so they can focus on what really matters most.
If there’s one thing we'd like to transform in the vision industry, it is bringing eye care solutions to people so everyone can access it at their fingertips.

In a world of increasing eye care demands and digital evolution, “Many of us still find ourselves racing against time to visit the optical store to solve our vision needs.”
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